Sunday, 17 July 2011

Leaving Party

It’s been a fortnight of farewells for us. We enjoyed a few too many beverages with our friends at the Sprig & Fern in town a couple of weeks ago, neither Mel nor I have much memory of the 5 km trek back to Sue and John’s place after the event, but the fantastic poem and gifts we received from the gang were most humbling and we treasure them all! Ngaire – the very greatest of friends - had written us a poem which she read out during the evening, it was fantastic. She also got us ‘I heart NZ’ t-shirts as everyone we have met along the journey has been horrified by Mel’s ‘I heart Australia’ t-shirt!

We received a card signed by everybody who attended the party and I am now the proud owner of an ‘I’ll train you at SOUNDSTAGE’ black hoody, something I will wear religiously now that winter continues to get colder. Thanks Jane. There were other gifts too – Mel received some lovely Possum and Merino gloves from Izzy, her boss at Lush and there were many drinks bought for us. Even the barman delighted with his generous quadruple single malt whiskey, after which I am sure you’ll appreciate, much of the evening has been lost. Good times!!

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