Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Brassed Off Rehearsal now on YouTube!

We had the cameras in on one of our rehearsals recently, you can go on YouTube to see a sneak preview from Brassed Off - with a certain Charles Hindley featured early in the clip. Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

10th March – Cable Bay

Cable Bay: As stunning as any vista we have enjoyed since our arrival in New Zealand. All the elements which make up the world around us can be seen from the chair I’m currently sitting in. The many shades of blue and green, reflecting up through the windows from the sea and the hills follow us around as we go about our daily business. It is possible to feel the change of the seasons by paying close attention to the landscape just outside the broad windows.
Looking over the sea and island

The Island we look out on 

Each day the sun gets a little lower in the sky as summer drifts slowly away and autumnal colours are beginning to appear in the leaves of the plants surrounding the house. The nights too, are cooler; we have needed to put on the wood burning stove a few times in recent days in order to warm us up after our long cycles to and from town, sometimes late at night. I don’t think that there can be a more enjoyable cuppa than that produced by freshly boiled kettles from wood burning stoves at night, listening to the cold winds blow just outside the windows.

Our friend James came to stay with us for a few days last week. It was so nice to have him here with us. He made sure that he contributed to the WWOOFing duties left to us by the owner, Zoe, and we spent lots of time enjoying each others company, eating lovely food, cooked by both Mel and James before he headed back up north again last Saturday.
James helping tackle a 'weed' tree

Mel got to spend a little more time with him than I did, as I have been at work or rehearsals every day since we have been here. We’re both very pleased that he survived his terrible ordeal, lost in the national park for 6 days and we wish him well until we meet again.

We made marmalade together from 'Gold Fruit' given to us by the neighbour here, Julie. The fruit are a cross between an orange and a grapefruit and make a fine marmalade!

I have been enjoying work immensely at Sound Stage. The team are brilliant to work with, as are the students. There will be a show at the end of term which will be the ideal opportunity to show everybody connected with the academy a chance to show what we have all been working on this term. I know the students will provide a real treat for everyone.

‘Brassed Off’ continues to evolve as well, with rehearsals ongoing and the opening night just a few weeks away, tickets are selling well, thanks to the efforts of certain cast members. Mel and I have only managed to sell 2 tickets so far, so I don’t think we’ll be winning any prizes for that, but there is still time…

It’s our final day here at Cable Bay. We have just had some lunch; more lovely, fresh baked scones with New Zealand honey on them. They should give us enough energy to kayak around the bay whilst the tide is high. It’s a little bit windy, so I can’t see any sting-rays in the shallow water at the moment. They come in with the tide and we can see them sailing around, searching for food from up here most days, but there are a few too many white horses today.

Tomorrow we move to Fairfield House and onto the next chapter.