Wednesday, 11 May 2011

‘Brassed Off’ and ‘Terra Nova’ with Theatre Alive and Body in Space respectively…

Mel and I really enjoyed our time working together in ‘Brassed Off’. We have made some truly great mates; we performed to attentive and generous audiences and generally drank in the experience. Hugh Neill directed the show with a very strong overall vision which was communicated with passion and dedication during what was a very intense rehearsal schedule. I played the character of Phil and this enabled me to take trombone lessons for a month in the lead up to the show – this was great, as I was able to learn almost all the music for the show – after all there is nothing worse than an inept performer who hasn’t even taken the time to make some sort of an effort with their instrument when the role demands it. In fact, all of the actors who took on the roles with brass instruments did really well. I got to self-indulge completely with the hanging scene – which is on Youtube now by the way, here’s the link:

Mel got to play a small bit-part and was instrumental in me getting in and out of my costumes and putting make-up on me when required. I don’t ever want to have to do a show without her from now on. I would like to mention every other cast and crew member by name but it would take too long and they already know how much we think of them. How rare it is to perform without any neurotic cast members in such a large ensemble. Great times!

As ‘Brassed Off’ was drawing to a close I somehow managed to find my way into the much coveted read-through for Body in Space’s ‘Terra Nova’. This is the story of Scott of the Antarctic, who, along with his party, died during their race to be the first men to march to the South Pole 100 years ago this year. I have been cast as Captain Scott which has been an honour thus far, such is the calibre of the rest of the company and opening night is just couple of weeks away. It will be performed in a marquee on the lawns of Fairfield House over 9 nights. After that, I think I’ll concentrate on teaching for a bit, but we’ll see!

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