Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 memories

After such an amazing year it seems like a good idea to list some of the great achievements that both Mel and I have aspired to and realised. We started the year with lots of dreams, here is a list of all our memorable moments - 52 of them, 1 a week for the whole year! :
Wedding Day 1st September

Steve Irwin's Zoo
  1. Getting Married in Brisbane Botanic Gardens
  2. Celebrating our marriage with all of our nearest in my home county of Norfolk
  3. Getting over my fear of flying thanks to my work with Juice DBT
  4. Learned how to brew my own ale
  5. Going to Glastonbury’s 40th birthday party
  6. Directing ‘Blood Brothers’ with the brilliant Foundation group of 2010 at Sage
  7. Going to a traditional Scottish wedding in Perth (Mandy and Ally)
  8. Cycling round the entire north island of New Zealand
  9. Cuddling ‘Crumpet’ the Koala in Brisbane
  10. Going to Steve Irwin’s Zoo 
  11. Enjoying a drink with my best mate Tim Garland on my wedding day
  12. Having the guts to follow our dreams
  13. Watching Mel fly in a Tiger Moth by-plane over Surfers Paradise
  14. Climbing to the top of Mount Warning to see the sunrise
  15. Taking the 7 km cable car over Hong Kong
  16. Making new friends in New Zealand and seeing Savannah again in Australia
  17. Watching Norwich City win the League 1 title
  18. Hiking over the Tongariro Crossing
  19. Couchsurfing, WWOOFing and Warmshowering with inspirational people
  20. Staying with bee keepers and learning a little about the craft
  21. Staying on a deer farm and learning a little about velvet
  22. Mel learned to knit brilliant things for her husband
  23. Hand fed kangaroos and wallabies
  24. Kept up with this blog
  25. Saw dolphins up close and personal
  26. Learned lots of new ways to cook with lovely organic produce
  27. Leaned how to build a chicken mansion
  28. Appearing naked on stage in ‘Skitzy’ at the People’s Theatre
  29. Receiving the award and gifts for being officially the most inspirational teacher at Sage
  30. Learning how to use a chain-saw
  31. Seeing a geyser and other thermal attractions at Rotorua
  32. Meeting a long lost relative in New Zealand
  33. Being made a chief and doing a formal greeting at a Maori Marai in Rotorua
  34. Cooking food in a ‘Hangi’ (using the natural thermal heat of the earth)
  35. Staying on a farm which is also the home of some Kuni-Kuni pigs
  36. Doing a charity fun-run in Kahoe with Mel finishing 2nd in the women’s section
  37. Visiting ‘Tanemahuta’, the oldest living Kauri tree in New Zealand
  38. Touring the parliament buildings in Wellington, New Zealand
  39. Learned some Dutch in order to be able to communicate with Millhouse when we meet again
  40. Qualifying as a teacher
  41. Celebrating Christmas in the sun in Nelson, New Zealand
  42. Hiking over one of the worlds youngest volcanoes, Rangitoto island, New Zealand (600 years old)
  43. Driving the ‘Forgotten Highway’, possibly the greatest road to drive in the world
  44. Seeing sunset and sunrise at Byron Bay, New South Wales
  45. Having my family see me playing the leading man in ‘Calamity Jane’ on the national tour
  46. Staying on the largest campsite in the southern hemisphere
  47. Watching  humpback whales migrating north at Byron Bay in Australia
  48. Tim-Tam slamming on a regular basis
  49. Night Kayaking through the Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  50. Celebrating Sinter Klaas with our new Dutch friend, Viola in Gisborne, New Zealand
  51. Teaching my family how to Skype
  52. Staying happily married and still on honeymoon after four months – and counting!
Hogmanay Kiwi Style! Happy New Year for 2011

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