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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Our Perfect Wedding Day 1/9/2010

The wedding day started at the Emporium Hotel when we awoke and stepped out onto the roof-top terrace where we enjoyed a swim for half an hour in the cold, but sun drenched pool. On returning to our room we both had a spa bath – I may have stayed in a bit too long as I started to resemble a lobster, but I was so comfortable in there. Mel and I relaxed further into the day with a light breakfast in our room. This was followed by a gentle walk through the Emporium complex to find somewhere to get our silk flowers wrapped in ribbon. Mel then popped into Tony & Guy to have her hair done and I waited in our room for Tim and Debs to arrive and to get changed. Both of them looked fantastic. They have planned to travel round Australia for ages, so when I asked Tim to be my best man, they finally organized themselves and were our only British guests to be here with us. We wanted it that way although we both toasted those friends and family who were not with us later in the day. Just us, Tim, Debs, Savannah and Rob; the latter couple were there representing Australia.

Soon after Tim and Debs arrived, our photographer for the afternoon, Ben Hurt knocked on the door. Mr Hurt, it has to be said, is an absolutely brilliant photographer and throughout the day, he was able to shoot us in all sorts of different locations before and after the ceremony. He stayed with us right up until we went for dinner in the evening and by the look of his Facebook site; the pictures will be magnificent!

Mel arrived back soon after and at 1:15pm, we asked concierge to collect our car for us. Mel looked even more stunning than at our reception back in the UK; possibly aided by a great tan and the clear blue sky of Queensland this time round. Tim and Debs joined Mel and myself and we drove up to the Botanic Gardens to meet our celebrant Ashley Berg, Sav’ and Rob. Half an hour later, we were all in position by the lake in the indigenous area of the gardens; ready to get married!

We had chosen a quiet spot, deep in the gardens, by some Totem Poles, next to a lake. It seemed like our being there had provoked quite a lot of interest among the local flora and fauna, as throughout the ceremony, the birds sang and the lake was alive with the heads of small turtles popping out to observe the proceedings. I managed to set up my video camera which captured the entire event, something to look back on in years to come.

Mel and I spoke our vows with tears in our eyes, although we both managed to hold it together long enough to get through without any great histrionics. Both Tim and Sav’ spoke their readings perfectly, Debs and Sav’ witnessed the signing of the certificate of marriage and it was official – we are now Mr & Mrs Hindley – although Mel has decided to keep her Maiden name, so she will be double barreled – Melanie Jane Schofield – Hindley!

It was time for some photo’s here, there and everywhere around Mount Cootha and the botanic gardens. Everywhere we went there was another perfect backdrop. By the time we sat down to dinner at the exquisite Summit Restaurant at 5:30pm, we had already enjoyed the most perfect wedding that anybody could have wished for. No worries!

Mel and I, along with Tim, Debs, Sav’ and Rob enjoyed a fine meal overlooking the city, but I wasn’t able to drink that much as I had to drive back to the hotel once we had eaten. I still managed a glass or two of champagne – thank you to the best man for providing us with that – and also to Maggie Garland for making all the boys button holes – we all wore them on the day! Tim said a few words during dinner which was nice. Believe me mate, it means just as much to us to have had you with us on our special day!

At around 7:30pm, we drove back down to the hotel, had the car parked for us and dropped in to the luxurious Belle Époque bar that adjoins the Emporium hotel for drinks. Debs had to call it a night early due to a severe bout of Jet-Lag, she had been such a joy to have with us all day – I think she is a keeper Tim, if you’re reading this! The rest of us had a few more drinks before Sav’ and Rob made a move and then there were three.

Tim, Mel and I ordered some cheese and biscuits, Mel and I enjoyed a wee dram, Tim ordered some authentic Absinth, it was a nice way to finish off proceedings.

Later, Mel and I returned to our hotel room, they had put rose petals on the bed, chilled a bottle of champagne for us, put candles around the room – they had even put on a romantic CD which played as we entered the room. The perfect end to our perfect day.

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  1. Oh Charlie, a final CONGRATULATIONS! The Day seems magical, truly magical.
    Although i feel these words loose a bit when they're typed rather than spoken. Wish I was with you both to give you an enormous celebratory hug!
    I look forward to the next installment of your adventures.