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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The day we left Newcastle 29th July 2010

July 29th, 2010, 12:45pm

The house is empty, the bags are packed, we shall soon fill the van and make tracks…

There is just time for one final look round, through the shell of a house we shall not call home again. The kitchen, empty but for the white goods, donated to a new family, mother father and baby, they can make use of them now. All other rooms are clear and clean. If walls truly do have ears and those that follow the ability to hear, then tales of our lives within shall be shared. If not, then let the memory of our existence here disappear, like the smoke from of well laid fire, drifting away, up into the sky to become mere clouds, indiscriminate, encompassed by the countless others whose stories were not told.

My name is Charlie Hindley and this is the story of what dreams may come for me, my fiancĂ© Mel Schofield and our greyhound Millhouse as we embark on our journey to the other side of the world together. We are to be married in Brisbane, Queensland on the 1st of September at 2 pm. First, we have got to get there. It’s 1pm and we’ve locked the door and now it’s time to leave. You are so very welcome to join us on our journey and I hope that you do, best get moving!

Last night we enjoyed drinks with some of our friends at the Cluny, down in the Ouseburn Valley. It was great to see so many turn up, given that it was a school night. The last thing I can remember as Mel and I turned to each other on Byker bridge and headed home to spend our last night together at Shaftesbury Grove, was the sad faces of our friends who we are leaving behind. Caden and Katie were standing at the taxi rank, waving us off, Fran walked away in the other direction and it was over. No more Curating at the Biscuit, no more teaching at Sage or acting on stage – we were finally on our way.

We’ve been looking forward to this for so long, planning and saving and packing and Ebaying our possessions. Over the next week we will visit every member of our family not including Mel’s Gran, we visited her last week in Bradford and said our good byes, she wished us all the best and thrust a few extra pounds into our hands before waving us off. Over the next 12 days we will travel all over England – Lincolnshire to visit my mother Charlotte – Cambridgeshire to visit my sister Georgina (George as she is known) and her husband Steve and their baby Oscar – To London to see artist friend Mycheal Barrett and some of the sights – To Cambridge to see friends Ella, Tim, Pete and Debs – To Norfolk where we shall have our pre-wedding reception at the Victory Hall in Neatishead and visit my father Nigel, his wife Angela, Uncle Rod and Aunt Margret, my brother Eugene (Euge) and his family including Ellamae, Elliott and his wife Fiona, my grandmother (Nanny) Joan and the many others who will be attending our wedding reception.

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